Links I Loved: April 21, 2018

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Every week, I’m now trying to put together a weekly compilation of all the posts I enjoyed around the blogosphere. This was inspired by Zuky @ BookBum, who always has a wonderful list of reviews that I might have missed or are by bloggers I’ve yet to follow— everyone should go see her favorites this week! I just think it’s such a great way to spread the love, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share some of the various posts that have caught my eye while blog hopping.

Check out the posts I thoroughly enjoyed this week below.

Saturday: April 14

Review | The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza : The end of the world but then queer — Lost in a Story

Lia’s great review of this adorable and quirky sounding apocalyptic tale (how do all those words fit in the same sentence) had me rushing to toss this LGBTQ+ YA novel on my TBR.

 • • •

Things a Bookworm Does Not Want to Hear — Thrifty Bibliophile

This is such a fun and relatable post from Ashley Rae! Raise your hand if you feel personally called out by some of those quotes 🙋‍♀️

Sunday: April 15

Are Ships Spoilers? Discussion — Hammock of Books

I really enjoyed Kay’s discussion post about talking about book ships! That’s often something I struggle with in writing reviews when a relationship is so much of the reason why I loved a book … but it’s not immediately clear from the blurb that said relationship is going to happen.

 • • •

Keeper by Johana Gustawsson blog tour — Hooked from Page One

Jacob’s wonderful and intriguing review makes me want to start this series! The Jack the Ripper angle sounds fascinating, and I always love how fiction works can take history and spin it in their favor.

 • • •

Questions I Get as a BookwormBookgraphy

Another post that’s a little too real. Check out María’s take on bookish questions she’s a little too sick of being asked. Can I second “Aren’t you too old to read that?” Ugh. I always want to fire back with, “What’s your real problem here? Do you hate happiness??

Monday: April 16

Scythe by Neal Shusterman — Bookish Tales

Dystopian novels aren’t always wins for Ashley or me, but seeing how much she enjoyed this one definitely makes me want to read it!

 • • •

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Review — Dreamy Addictions

I read Ready Player One for the first time a couple months ago and Raven’s review hit all my feelings spot on. I especially love her connection with the minor characters.

 • • •

Jo Talks Books: On Having Different Tastes in Books and MoviesBookLoversBlog

Jo’s discussion post about movie vs. book tastes is so thorough and thoughtful! She hits on why certain things work for her in movies but not books, movie adaptations, and the areas of overlap in her book and movie tastes.

 • • •

20 Books to Satisfy Your Cravings for Dystopia — Reading Under the Blankie

Norrie always has such amazing recs, and I totally trust her opinion. There’s a lot of great-sounding books on here, which make me think maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places for dystopian novels!

Tuesday: April 17

Review: Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer — A Haven for Book Lovers

Diana’s review of Before I Let You Go paints a picture of a poignant and evocative story about a family trying to hold it all together.

 • • •

The Neighbors — Hanging with Amanda

Amanda calls The Neighbors “slow-burn domestic suspense with lots of drama, lies and secrets and an ending that makes you gasp like crazy.” Um, yes please!

Wednesday: April 18

How to Master Your TBR Pile (Well … Try To) — Drizzle and Hurricane Books

I laughed out loud at this title, and then immediately clicked the link for Marie’s advice for this very relatable problem. She’s got some great tips (and gifs!) to help you reduce the stress of your ever-growing TBR.

 • • •

Beneath the Sugar Sky — Bionic Book Worm

I’ve so wanted to read the Wayward Children series for quite some time now, and Shanah’s love for this installment and its gorgeous world-building make me want to all the more.

 • • •

ARC Review: I Was Born for This — The Cursed Books

Marta’s review is the first time I’d heard of this young adult novel about friendship, fandom, and diversity … and now I absolutely need to read it!

 • • •

Might I Recommend… Fantasy Books? — Flying Paperbacks

I’m always looking for more great fantasy books, and LaRonda is someone else whose opinion I will always trust! There are a good handful of fascinating-sounding books on this list that are new to me.

Thursday: April 19

Review: Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody — Taylor Talks Books

Y’all, I am so excited to read this book. Though I obviously had to skim over the spoiler section at the end, Taylor’s review of the captivating storyline and characters still made me itch to get Ace of Shades into my hands.

 • • •

Review: Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee — Books are the New Black

I loved the character-focused nature of Leslie’s review of Gentleman’s Guide, which has been on my TBR for far too long!

Friday: April 20

Book Review: Fingersmith by Sarah Waters — Curiouser and Curiouser

Amy has written such a lovely review of another book I’ve wanted to read for far too long; I’d completely forgotten about the con aspect of it, and I’m newly intrigued.

 • • •

Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu | A Short, Exciting Origin Of A Beloved Hero— Another Book in the Wall

Kelly and I were both skeptical about superhero novels, but I’m so glad to see this one worked for her I’ll have to give it a shot. Her character-focused review is fantastic.

 • • •

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young— Mel to the Any

I just adore all of Melanie’s reviews, and this one is no exception! I’m so intrigued about this YA fantasy novel about vikings; it sounds brutal and character-driven and fascinating, and yep, thanks Mel, I need this yesterday.

Lot’s of reviews I loved this week! As well as several discussion and recommendation posts that really caught my eye. I have such a blast reading all of your content!

What’s your favorite post that you’ve read this week? I’d love it if you left me some links; it’s great to find new blogs to follow or posts I might have missed!

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