Links I Loved: July 14, 2018

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I only was able to do a couple of these posts before real life got a little crazy, but here’s to hoping I’m back in the swing of things and will be able to do these compilation posts more often! Blog hopping is one of the best parts about being a book blogger, and I want to share my love for just a small handful of all the fantastic posts I’ve encountered this week!

Check out the posts I thoroughly enjoyed this week below.

Friday: July 6

Beyond the Blurb | So You Hate Your Blog Name — Siobhan’s Novelties

Blog names can be stressful! I remember spending way too long before deciding on mine. Siobhan’s put together a fantastic guide for things to consider if you’re starting to have regrets about your own. There are some great points in here!

 • • •

Book Reviews: Vox by Christina Dalcher; The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh — Keeper of Pages

Two great reviews for the price of one! I’d never heard of either of these books, but Janel reeled me in with the words “female-centric dystopia.” Vox, especially, sounds phenomenal and relevant.


Saturday: July 7

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff | One Fizzy Action-Packed Adventure — Another Book in the Wall

Like Kelly, Lifel1k3 was my first novel by Jay Kristoff, but I doubt it will be my last! This thoughtful review does a great job capturing the vibrant characters, which really bring this unique sci-fi novel to life.

 • • •

The Wicked Deep – Shea Ernshaw – Review — Book Hooked Nook

I read this one a couple months ago and had mixed feelings about it, but I always love seeing other opinions. Sarah does a fabulous job of highlighting everything I loved about The Wicked Deep including its mythology and creepy atmosphere.

 • • •

Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell — Stephanie’s Novel Fiction

I keep hearing about this thriller all over the blogosphere. Stephanie’s well-balanced reviews captures both the positives and negatives, and I’m glad the writing style made the read worth it even if some of the twists were predictable!


Sunday: July 8

Review: The Subway Girls by Susie Orman Schnall — Novel Gossip

I really just adore all of Amy’s wonderful reviews! I’ve got my eye on this intriguing historical fiction novel now. Amy gives us a glimpse into the protagonists as well as the fascinating premise behind the storyline that has me wanting more.

 • • •

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik Review | Another Fantasy Fairy-Tale Hit — One Way or An Author

Okay, first of all, what an awesome blog name? Aila shines the spotlight on another novel I’ve been hearing plenty about recently. Sounds like this one’s jam-packed with a badass heroine, great representation, and a powerful message.


Monday: July 9

The Boy At The Door by Alex Dahl — Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading

Yet another thriller that keeps popping up on my radar! Brenda and Lindsay’s reviews reminded me I needed to toss this onto my TBR. It’s character-driven, dark, and twisty … what more could you want from a good thriller?

 • • •

First Lines I Couldn’t Resist — Aurora Librialis

Oh, wow, this is such a fun theme for a post! Aurora compiles some of her favorite first lines, and even though I haven’t read the books that they’re from, those quotes really make me want to! It’s surprising how powerful first lines can be!

 • • •

Book Review: Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding — Read This, Not That

Abby’s thoughtful and character-driven review ensured this book made its way onto my TBR. She recommends it for fans of Jar of Hearts, which instantly made my ears perk up.


Tuesday: July 10

The Cheerleaders — The Suspense is Thrilling Me

If you’re not already following Chelsea, you’re missing out on some quality YA and mystery/thriller reviews, and The Cheerleaders manages to fall into both categories. The plot promises to be heavy and relevant while still building plenty of intrigue.

 • • •

The Color Purple—A Reflection — Not Quite A Literary Critique

I’ve never read this classic, but Maygin’s honest review and thoughtful reflection certainly make me want to!

 • • •

Book Review: Down Among the Sticks and Bones — Traveling in Books

I’ve had my eye on the Wayward Children series for quite some time now, and I really appreciate the fresh perspective and honest opinions that Kim brings to the table. There’s a wonderful focus on the plot as well as a comparison against the first novella.


Wednesday: July 11

Bookish Blogger Spreadsheet Template 2018 — Reader Voracious Blog

Kaleena is basically a godsend? I can 100% empathize with that Type A personality, and I just love collecting data about my habits (reading or otherwise) and using it to inform decisions. Check out some awesome, well-thought out spreadsheet templates if any of that resonates with you, too!

 • • •

The Perfect Friend by Barbara Copperthwaite — My Chestnut Reading Tree

Jo’s review stop on the blog tour for The Perfect Friend brought this twisty thriller to my attention for the first time, and wow, did it have me hooked! The characters and plot sound really intriguing, and I’ll definitely need to toss it on my TBR.

 • • •

Subscription Boxes: The Nitty Gritty — Fable Hunter

Julia’s releasing an informative series on subscription boxes, and this first post explains what they’re all about. For someone like me, who appreciates the aesthetics when they pop up on my Bookstagram but knows very little beyond that, I’m all here for a “just the basics” introduction!


Thursday: July 12

Spoiler Free Review: Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik Lair of Books

Oh, how I love Lilly’s reviews! This book popped onto my radar recently, and Lilly brings to the table a wonderfully detailed review that highlights the characters, plot, and writing style.

 • • •

Review: Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison — Here’s the Fucking Twist

Krystin is brutally honest, and it’s fantastic. This review had me laughing out loud and eye-rolling at overused tropes, and while I’m still on the fence about giving Lie to Me a shot … at least I know what I’m getting into!


There’s a solid mix here! I’ve been on a YA kick lately, so I’ve been drawn to a lot of those reviews, but wow did some of the thrillers I read about this week look tempting. I’m also always impressed by the time and effort that goes into the more explanatory posts like Siobhan’s, Kaleena’s, and Julia’s.

What’s your favorite post that you’ve read this week? I’d love it if you left me some links; it’s great to find new blogs to follow or posts I might have missed!

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  1. I love the links that you selected ~ a great combination of book reviews and fun, entertaining bookish things. Thank you so much for including my review ~ I am honored!


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