Goodreads Monday: April 16, 2018

goodreads monday

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off! Check out this week’s post to share your links.

Happy Monday! Hope April’s not living up to its “April Showers” reputation wherever you are – let me live vicariously through you 🙂 As for this Goodreads Monday pick, I don’t remember putting this one on my TBR at all, but I’m newly intrigued by it.

The World Beneath

20671962Author: Rebecca Cantrell

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Publication Date: November 25, 2013

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Cantrell drops you into a vast, dark world: 100 miles of living, breathing, tunnels that is the New York City underground. This subterranean labyrinth inhales three million bustling commuters every day. And every day, it breathes them all out again… except for one. Software millionaire Joe Tesla is set to ring the bell on Wall Street the morning his company goes public. On what should be the brightest day in his life, he is instead struck with severe agoraphobia. The sudden dread of the outside is so debilitating, he can’t leave his hotel at Grand Central Terminal, except to go underground. Bad luck for Joe, because in the tunnels lurk corpses and murderers, an underground Victorian mansion and a mysterious bricked-up 1940s presidential train car. Joe and his service dog, Edison, find themselves pursued by villains and police alike, their only salvation now is to unearth the mystery that started it all, a deadly, contagious madness on the brink of escaping The World Beneath.

Like I said, I can’t remember when I found this book and got inspired to add it to my TBR, but it sounds like such a fun setting and unique premise. It’s also the first in the Joe Tesla series, which is up to four books so far. It’s anyone’s guess when I’ll have enough time to track down a copy and slip it into my reading schedule, but I definitely still want to!

Has anyone here heard of this one or does it catch your eye? What gems have you found in your TBRs recently?

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